The creative process

Years ago, back in New York, I used to keep a scribble pad. This little book was my creative outlet whenever something inspired me – that’s where I would go to and put things down – ink to paper. 

Years later, I found my little scribble book… take a look 

I’m feeling inspired again.


Shake a tail feather! Its the year of the Rooster!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  So its the year of the Rooster and while fireworks and lai see packets have been going around, the only thing coming around this time is new energy.

Last year was a bit of a downer from a creative aspect.  I didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything new of creative, nor did I have the energy to rekindle all the projects I had before the ‘great move’ across the continents and settling into rural(ish) life.

This year however, I’m hoping for something different but I can’t wait around for ‘it’ to occur.  I have to make my own luck; my own ‘it’.

With no real plan or structure and the guidance of some good people in my life, I’ll figure it out.  Whoever thought being creative is easy, you need your head examined! There are too many things going on inside, too many ideas, too many “I’m good at this” or “I could do that”.

Its time to focus and the first thing to do is decluttering the B.S. that’s in my life and in my inbox that I didn’t even subscribe too!

Feminine Hygiene & our environment

Recently I’ve had a huge interest in women’s menstrual health.

Why?  Well it started when Nepal experienced that horrendous earthquake in 2015.  As soon as I heard, I thought of my good friend, Maya.  I became friends with Maya while looking for a tailor to start my clothing line.  And though that venture failed, we remained friends.  Supporting one another, going out, inviting one another to our houses.

I knew her family lived in Nepal.  I wasn’t sure where exactly but I knew they were there.  So when I called to check in, I found out her family was safe but that her village was destroyed.  This was heart breaking.   My thoughts were how will they rebuild? What about food, water, sanitation? How will the women cope?  What about the children?

Wait.  How will the women cope? Where will they get sanitary pads? Soap?  Hygiene products? Clean underwear?

These things made me think – how do women manage in times of crisis?  I knew at that moment I couldn’t think that far ahead, so I reached out to friends on Facebook to see if there was anyone heading out to Nepal collecting valuable items to those who needed it most.

And there were.  I reached out to co-workers and friends for anything they could spare or didn’t want.  Winter clothes for children and adults, hygiene products, women’s underwear from the outlets, anything and everything that could be had was bought, delivered, co-ordinated etc.  Sent by airfreight or as part of a traveller’s additional luggage.  We did our bit.

We don’t normally think about these things when we watch the news and one sees all that suffering that goes on world wide.  Deplorable humans kidnapping young girls,  bombs falling from the sky maiming or killings innocent people.  Even homeless women in developed countries like the United Kingdom or the United States wouldn’t have the means of purchasing sanitary products.  They would have to think twice whether to put some food in the bellies or buy pads.

Girls and women in developing countries do not have the luxury to go to a shop down the street to buy a pack of pads, just like getting a bucket of water – they would have to travel far.  Often times these same girls and women end up using old rags or leaves that leave them susceptible to infections that can potentially lead to death, if left untreated.

I am not a scientist, I do not profess to be one and I failed science in school – I do not even know why I bothered with an HSE Bio class in year 13.  However, common sense says from an environmental aspect: if one woman will use an average of 11,000 sanitary napkins (approx.) in her lifetime and there are 3.76 billion women in this world.  For argument’s sake – let’s take that number and deduce based on the following realities of our present day world:

War.  Female Foeticide.  Old age.  Death.  Disease.  Giving birth.  Lack of medical attention / assistance.  Suicide.  Murder.  This is just a few that I can name at the top of my head…

So when you think of all these factors, its safe to say that there’s still roughly 3 billion + women on this planet (and rising).

Now if we factored in economic stability between the ones who have the money to buy a packet of pads versus those who can’t.  Multiply that by 11,000 pads per woman…

The answer is seriously scary, in the trillions scary.

And these pads end up in landfills.  Every day pads are in landfills.  Yet, this simple product, in some countries, is regarded an “luxury item” and is taxed.   So if women don’t want to pay this tax – they should all bleed once a month at home because the government are a bunch of illogical thieves and tax women an item they need.

What is even more baffling is why don’t companies that make sanitary napkins environmentally friendly and biodegradable?  There’s no point putting a cotton lining if the majority of the product is all plastic.  Where is the logic in that?

Small groups, charities & campaigns around the world are doing their part to spread the word about eco-friendly pads as well as involving communities to sew and create napkins that they can donate like Days for Girls International or even AFRIpads

To make a difference in your own life and to do the right thing by mother nature – we should all be considering choices like reusable menstrual pads or menstrual cups.

Its time to make a change.  For ourselves, for other women and Mother Nature.

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Here kitty kitty…

Here kitty kitty...

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Stuck in a ruck

It’s been a while since I wrote a jewelry or fashion related blog of any description.  I’ve felt a little lost and not driven.  It’s not an ideal feeling.

First off, up sticking from the concrete of the Kong to the sticks of the U.K. has been a life changer.  It wasn’t easy especially with a drastic lifestyle and weather change.  I’m used to everything being fast fast Hong Kong style and now things are a lot slower and different here.  Things take a lot longer.  People take ages to respond.  Secondly, the humidity in March and April in Hong Kong reaches 100% but here, it’s been cold and dark by 4p.m.  The gusty winds make up for the lack of T8 typhoons.

You can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl – that’s me.

But not all changes have been bad.  For one, we’ve stopped ‘going’ at a 100 miles and slammed on the breaks of life to stop and smell the roses and listen to the birds chirp.  And there are bunnies, hedgehogs, cows and sheep everywhere!

Oh and the chocolate is REALLY GOOD!

Back to the blog…

Lately, I’ve been feeling stuck and lacking in creative Qi.  Like a lot of bloggers, at some point along the way, we hit a wall.  I did, that’s for sure.  When I started raagachic, all I wanted to do was share my thoughts on fashion & jewelry trends, my creative ideas and what I was making in the realm of handmade jewelry.  I never intended to write a blog to make money out of it.  I’m doing it for the love of it.

What does all this change mean for raagachic?  I’m not sure.  I have been doing a lot of reading and a lot of rethinking of where my blog is going.  What do I want to achieve from it?  What direction do I want it to go?  How will the country life affect my connection to all things fashion?

One fashionista blogger who makes things easy to understand and simplified is Maria De Giovanni.  I didn’t get to sit in on the webinar as it was a jam-packed session but I did get the chance to listen in on what had been discussed – afterward.  She is inspiring and the layout of the session was well thought out and presented in a way that makes sense to the writer who feels ‘stuck’.

As for this lack of creativity, I’m going to have to gget out of this stump one way or another.  Its not good for me mentally.  This ruck is totally unhealthy.

On that note, I’m off to boost my creative qi.  I’m going on a Polyvore binge 🙂