I have many beliefs.  I’ve been labelled the “ever optimist” even when times are hard.  I have a story & I have none because I am like everyone else.  I exist just like you.  I have dreams, hopes and still I have more aspirations every time I watch something or do something that inspires me.  Everything I read, watch and listen to effects & affects me in one way, shape or form.
I have no consistency. I feel like a jack of all trades – I can do a little bit of everything and still know a lot about nothing.
I’m 90% vegan, living with a non-vegan and that’s tough as f***.  I don’t see things as “black & white” – I see all shades of gray and so much colour in between.  That’s why we can’t even agree to disagree.
Ever the optimist I may be, but compromise should be my middle name (as should it be for a lot of women).  But I stand by what I believe in – that’s my reality and I won’t & can’t let people chip away at me or at least the things that make me – ME.  Trying to find my place in a world FULL of life coaches, entrepreneurs, fitness junkies, etc, etc, ETC, is tough.  No one said life would be an easy ride.
Travel.  Adventure.  Spiritual (ness).  Family.  Volunteering.  Fighting for worthy causes.  Fighting to save our planet whether its recycling, changing the way we eat, being conscious in our daily activities.
To others its all skewed, complicated, mad, confusing; sometimes contradictory; to me it makes sense.



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