Shake a tail feather! Its the year of the Rooster!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!  So its the year of the Rooster and while fireworks and lai see packets have been going around, the only thing coming around this time is new energy.

Last year was a bit of a downer from a creative aspect.  I didn’t have the energy or motivation to do anything new of creative, nor did I have the energy to rekindle all the projects I had before the ‘great move’ across the continents and settling into rural(ish) life.

This year however, I’m hoping for something different but I can’t wait around for ‘it’ to occur.  I have to make my own luck; my own ‘it’.

With no real plan or structure and the guidance of some good people in my life, I’ll figure it out.  Whoever thought being creative is easy, you need your head examined! There are too many things going on inside, too many ideas, too many “I’m good at this” or “I could do that”.

Its time to focus and the first thing to do is decluttering the B.S. that’s in my life and in my inbox that I didn’t even subscribe too!


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