Mad about Polyvore

Early this year I joined #Polyvore and can I tell you – I am absolutely insane about it.


I come from a generation where in order to make a mood board, we had to physically sift through magazines, select images and then cut an image with an exacto knife whilst running the risk of slicing our fingers in the process. THOSE WERE THE DAYS!  I feel old for saying that.  I used to roll my eyes at people older than I who would say such things but now I can sympathise.  In my lifetime, technology has leapt and bounded so far ahead of the young generation – they will never know difficulty understanding technology.

So for us who were around when we had to use a pencil in a cassette tape when the ribbon came out – I know a lot of you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Now back to #Polyvore.  When I signed up to it, I had no fekkin’ clue what I was in for!

Gone are the days of glue streaks on my desk and on the clippings scattered here and there on my table.  Scissors and blades no longer pose an accident ‘waiting to happen’.

I can now find images that I like with ease, “paste” them together and create “boards” of ideas that are in my head.

Thank you #Polyvore for a great app to do the things I enjoy doing.


Shades of Indian : Electric Pink

Shades of Indian : Electric Pink


Nars cosmetic
£20 –

NARS Cosmetics lengthening mascara
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Nars cosmetic
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Urban decay lip liner
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Mac cosmetics lipstick
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Urban decay lip liner

Nyx eyeshadow
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Summer in the City : Be You

Summer in the City : Be You

Irene Neuwirth pink gold earrings
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Hot in the City – NYC

Hot in the City - NYC


Bill Blass loafer
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Illesteva round glasses
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Tech accessory

Nars cosmetic
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Nars cosmetic

Americanflat word wall art
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Polaroid home decor
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All that glitters is gold

All that glitters is gold

Loeffler Randall strappy sandals
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Nancy Gonzalez brown purse
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Coach sunglasses
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Lancôme lancome perfume
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