The backyard beautiful

Years ago I read somewhere in an article, whether it was a newspaper or somewhere online, that people who lived in social housing or cramped living spaces (like we do in HK) committed suicide because they were depressed.   Somewhere on the same page, there was another article that said maintaining plants at home or being near a garden helped with keeping morale or spirits up.

The idea of trees, flowering bushes, hearing birds chirp and seeing butterflies flutter around – lifts my spirits for sure.  So it must be true for others.  Plus small and frequent patches of green which includes high carbon storing trees – could improve air quality especially in cities that generate high volumes of heat and provide shelter from the sweltering tropical sunshine.  Isn’t that what we want our governments to do for us?  To actually give a $h!t about their voting tax payers.  Surely.

Here in Hong Kong, we have so many unused, filthy, dilapidated areas in cities that are an absolute dump with metal mesh surrounding the space with ugly “for sale” banners littering the area.  Its horribly unsightly.

And then I fell upon an article on site and absolutely loved reading about this man who decided to change his backyard into something beautiful.

Check out the article.

If only more dilapidated spaces in concrete jungles were converted into beautiful green spaces that can change and, in fact, uplift a person’s mood and improve the quality of air – then we can actually applaud our governments for actually thinking about their voters and how our taxes come into use.

Happy greener environments create happy people.  Happy people = high productivity.  High productivity = higher GDP.  Higher GDP means a wealthier government voted by happy people who are happy about what their governments are doing for them.

Surely its not that difficult.


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