To clean… or not to clean (and organise and clear out crap…)

The nice thing about monsoon season in Asia is that you can spend most weekends tossing things out and cleaning up your home.

Having said that, I have not even ventured into cupboards and storage areas that require serious re-organisation or binning but for all the money I spent buying stuff to make either my wardrobe pretty or my home pretty or my kitchen more useful – I have over the years accumulated a lot of crap.

Marketing departments must get paid a lot because they are *GOOD* at convincing women, more than men, to buy things they may or may not need.  (Damn you marketing department!)

So I have decided it would be wise to do a really massive clean and instead of filling up the landfills with my trash.  My husband and I have decided to giveaway stuff to friends or put it in the clothes recycle bin at the local library in town.  Much much better than literally a guilt free way for getting rid of stuff that has not been used in 6 months or more.

Now my husband came up with a brilliant idea.

An “Honesty Sale”.

What on earth is an Honesty Sale, you ask?  Well, an honesty sale is leaving an item you feel has some worth, outside your front door/gate.  With word of mouth in the neighborhood, if an interested person wishes to leave some money, whatever they think is fair or the object is worth, that money is then donated to a charity (animal rescue, spay/neuter program, breast cancer fund, whatever you wish)

Genius or what??

Until I have managed to separate items for their intended destinations/purposes, etc, I decided to create my own colour-coded labels.

Here is a freebie if you want to print your own labels when you get around to cleaning your home and they come in two languages.  English only and bi-lingual (English/Simplified Chinese)  Right click and save to your intended destination.

I just hope there is nothing lost in translation from English to Simplified Chinese 🙂





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