Let them make noise!

I normally would not write off tangent but this is my blog and it’s about random musings aside from fashion faux pas rants. So amuse me 😁

Let it be known – I love children! We don’t have any of our own but that’s ok. I have four four legged furries I have humanised into children. I love them as children and would do anything for them as well as be absolutely shattered if any thing bad happened to them just like a child. It would break my heart.

However, going back on track to human children.

From my own observation, children who have finally found that the squeaks and giggles that they make are created by them, although unscientifically proven perhaps but common sense would suggest, are coming from them.

So this would mean they are associating their voices as “I” – right? They are using words to build sentences to communicate with their parents, siblings, friends and toys (don’t forget imaginary friends too!!)

Ok they talk ALOT! You couldn’t keep a child quiet even of you tried. That’s what makes those cute kid videos where they say funny things and we all go ‘awww isn’t that the funniest thing! ‘

So shouldn’t children be encouraged to talk? Whether or not it makes sense, it’s amusing to hear what goes on the mind of a child before they are inundated with home work and other BS assignments and unrealistic requests of finishing 6 pages of homework the following day at the age of 3? And at that age they are in kindergarten!!

Talking is how they are building an identity. Their identity.

I live in HK and all too often whether in a restaurant or on the MTR (subway) I hear parents and helpers shooshing talkative 1-2-3 year olds instilling fear in them that the “angry” looking man/woman will be upset because the child is making too much noise.

Raise your kids however you want but talking is what kids do!




Ever since taking on tutoring on Saturdays I practically work 6days a week and am totally knackered on a Sunday to do much except the basic essentials: clean house, dishes, laundry and walk our dogs either to the beach or up the mountain behind our place. (Pics coming soon)

I love tutoring. Part of it is real life stuff I have understood through my own life experience and wished I had learnt or paid attention more. Another part is trying to teach these kids to think on more than one level. Outside the box, if you will. Why? These kids aren’t robots – the HK local school system is doing that already. If I can help them think in an abstract way – Why TF not?

Ranting over.

Back to the real reason of this week’s post.

So working 6 full days a week – I told my better half that I needed an afternoon nap and if he could hang up my bras once it was done in the wash. He agreed. How sweet right?

After a much needed one hour nap and a play around with the furries, around the time the football was on (English football, that is) mHi Soi Dog! My husband and I will be coming to Phuket and want to know what can we bring (treats, frontline big spray, etc) for the furbabies. I’m tryin to my husband asked why I had so many bras??

WHAT WAS THAT? Why do I have so many bras?

Let me explain. Just like you boys need a pair of socks for each day of the week when you go to work and some of you wear a fresh pair when you get home – I and probably most women have our work bras for our shirts and tshirts that are padded purely for temperature reasons. We have bras for printed outfits.

But it doesn’t stop there we have bras for maxi dresses, bras for our going out dresses and for large chested girls, we have our underwire bras that require a bandeau bra on top for extra support. Yes sometimes we wear two rad to avoid spillage – unlike some women out there who look rough as a bed of nails with the wrong bra.

Then we have bras we wear just for >you<.

A bra or two for our 'I feel fat day'. Our bras are personal and affects our very mood by the hour. One wrong strap placement or a bra hook undone is catastrophic. It ruins our day just like if a disliked team beat your favorite team. It's just bad.

Don't question why we have so many bras. We need them like you need your sports.