I love miniskirts. I have them in a variety of colours and prints.

Not that long ago, I didn’t even wear skirts. A skirt? What’s that?!

I only had jeans, trouser and shorts (not the ass cheek baring type) so I normally would sit around quite boyishly.

You can’t do that with miniskirts.

Time and time again I’ve seen beautifully dressed women sat in trains, trams and barstools, sat with their knees not touching or their legs not elegantly crossed over one another in what can only be described as revealing everything south of the navel.


It is ok to dress as a sexy woman but don’t sit with legs apart. Save that for behind closed doors.

I consider my self a feminist and I’m an Indian woman with tattoos that even my husband can’t believe I have so many.

But ladies, having a bit of decency, modesty and covering up what is not a bad thing. Why should some perv to ogle over what is not theirs? Why give them an oppurtunity?

I’m ranting I know but it’s not even the weekend and I’ve seen too many flabby cheeks in those silly tiny shorts and way too many cartoon character g-strings like tweety bird or batman and…. Here it comes…. unmanicured gardens because women don’t know how to sit in a miniskirt.

Whoever reads this – please be more conscious of how you sit in a mini skirt. No wonder there are upskirt perverts and perverts in general just waiting for a shot with their smart phone!


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