I love miniskirts. I have them in a variety of colours and prints.

Not that long ago, I didn’t even wear skirts. A skirt? What’s that?!

I only had jeans, trouser and shorts (not the ass cheek baring type) so I normally would sit around quite boyishly.

You can’t do that with miniskirts.

Time and time again I’ve seen beautifully dressed women sat in trains, trams and barstools, sat with their knees not touching or their legs not elegantly crossed over one another in what can only be described as revealing everything south of the navel.


It is ok to dress as a sexy woman but don’t sit with legs apart. Save that for behind closed doors.

I consider my self a feminist and I’m an Indian woman with tattoos that even my husband can’t believe I have so many.

But ladies, having a bit of decency, modesty and covering up what is not a bad thing. Why should some perv to ogle over what is not theirs? Why give them an oppurtunity?

I’m ranting I know but it’s not even the weekend and I’ve seen too many flabby cheeks in those silly tiny shorts and way too many cartoon character g-strings like tweety bird or batman and…. Here it comes…. unmanicured gardens because women don’t know how to sit in a miniskirt.

Whoever reads this – please be more conscious of how you sit in a mini skirt. No wonder there are upskirt perverts and perverts in general just waiting for a shot with their smart phone!


Twinship Work Wear: Black & Leopard

As far back as I can remember I have never liked animal print. Nor would I would have made it part of my warbrobe but this I kinda don’t mind. The pants do look really comfortable too

Feven & Helena

This post is short..just a few photos of our work wear. Clearly, Helena is feeling the leopard and Feven lives in black!


Feven & Helena #twinship

P.S. We read this the other day and wanted to share it with you: throw kindness around like confetti!

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Too short shorts perhaps?

I remember the 80s and frankly, except for Aha and Spandau Ballet, I hated it!

I can still taste Ellenette at the back of my throat! It was that bad. But even then when it came to fashion, unless you were a porn star, shorts for women weren’t as short as they are now!

Without sounding like a prude in any way, I am all for tasteful artistic fashion. As long as your personal style is done well. I don’t have a problem with women who choose not to wear a bra on some days under a gorgeous top or maxi dress as long as the area is accessorized well like the use of layering necklaces, nipple stickers to play down the effects of “headlights” – underwires are painful, bra straps are a pain! I get it.

On a serious note though… Do we need to see ass cheeks? As if the rise of the up skirt pervert wasn’t bad enough, now there are men who walk behind young girls as young as 9-10 years of age whose parents are allowing their young child to wear shorts where bum cheeks hang out. Is it really necessary? Could this be the reason young girls are being harassed in public places by boys and men? I’m all for empowering our girls to be confident about their bodies but why such a skimpy garment for little girls?

Now for the women! I’ve been paying attention. And there are many of you out there committing the worst sort of fashion faux pas! If you want the world (an be honest, men) to gawk at your body and especially your ass cheeks, please do the following or at least make an effort:

1) exfoliate your bum, cheeks an backs of your thighs – PLEASE! This is good for your skin, probably increases flexibility due to lack of exercises, helps tones your arms too!

2) make sure you’ve had a wax! Whether it’s a basic, half Brazilian or full Brazilian – get a bloody wax! Seriously!!!

3) do some squats! 5 a day. It’s all you need; if you want to challenge yourself till your legs shake, squats and 45′ leg scissors are great! Thigh chaffing will end and your bum will look more firm than the flabby cheeks we see around HK in those ridiculous shorts.

Last but not least, and I am saving this best for last, don’t wear ass-hangers if you’re on your period! What’s wrong with you, woman??! Who says it’s ok to wear such articles of clothing when it’s that time of month? Who wants to see the tampon string? Or the wing of a pad?

A little common sense goes a long way but so does a bit of decency! You don’t always have to have your parts on display.

I’m all for some of the 80s to come back including high waisted garments but not all of it and so tiny. Not everyone is built like a model with legs that go for miles and lives by the beach in a boho hippy shack.

Find clothes that suit your body shape and height.

(Note: I didn’t write this to offend anyone so please don’t take it personal or that I’m attacking anyone in particular. This post is meant to be funny and honest and I hope people can take it with a pinch of salt and humor)