Art Studio Life: Is it as awesome as you always imagined?

One day I shall have a lovely open air studio… not in Hong Kong though – the rent would kill me and I wouldn’t get much for it.

This is inspiring and relaxing and one day attainable

Art Studio Life: Is it as awesome as you always imagined?
Oh, studio life…  It’s kind of the thing that most artists dream of, fight for, and aspire to create.  In our imaginations, it’s a place of pure passion where you can put your head down and work (and where, of course, everything you touch will turn to gold).

While much of that is true (minus the gold, sorry…) there are some serious pros and cons to working from a studio.   So, lets get into it!

I moved into my studio about a year ago – after working from home for the past 4 years.  We’ve moved around a lot, but in every home (except one) I had a dedicated space (spare room) to create.  My requirements have always been good light, dedicated space, and a door.

When I moved into my studio at the White Whale Studios & Gallery (great name, right?) I had no idea the impact working from…

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Big Mexican Bohemian Color

When saying the word “bohemian” there is an air of romanticism about it. I think of flea markets that carry goods and wares, scents wafting in the air from pasts long gone in parts of the world that are still ancient while others are ever evolving while holding on to their pasts.

That’s my version of bohemian, at least.

Here a very colour blogger named California Pixie talks about her Big Mexican Bohemian moment in Oaxaca.


the urban rural girl | Karishma

DIY: Lace and Flower Initial

I haven’t tried this yet but I’m pretty sure it’ll be well chic-a-licious if I could find someone who could cut out my own customised letters for me.

M&J Blog

Everyone wants their space to be a reflection of their personalities, and if your personality is feminine, flirty and a little shabby chic, you’re going to love our latest DIY. Our cool, customized initial uses faux flowers and lace that look beautiful when paired together. You can make an initial that matches your personality by varying the trims. Use grosgrain for a preppy look, or jacquard for something more vintage-chic.


What You’ll Need:

5.25” Floral Pattern Chantilly Lace

6” Chantilly Floral Lace

Wooden Letter

Fake Flowers

Sobo Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Paint Brush


DSC_00061. Cut your lace into pieces.


DSC_00112. Paint the Sobo Glue onto the letter.

DSC_00143. Gently lay the lace over the glue. Pat down. Let dry.

DSC_00214. Place on the letter in different spots, and glue down with the hot glue gun.


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Etsy Love: RiverLuna

RiverLuna carries some lovely prints. My favorites are the Owls and feathers prints. Her work evokes this dreamy magical style that transports you into the lines, colours and textures of the print. Really nice stuff.

Have a look and enjoy!

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve brought you some gorgeous, art inspiration so here’s a healthy dose of beauty from the amazing Etsy shop: RiverLuna. Artist, Marisa Redondo creates these magical, nature inspired illustrations, full of intricate pattern and rich hues. I’m a huge fan! Now to decide which one to order…hmm.

Here are some of my favorites…


il_fullxfull.618238931_5p2zil_fullxfull.586949764_66ly   etsy * blog * twitter * facebook

After much debate, I just couldn’t resist these sweet owls for my Gracie. Can’t wait to hang it up in her room!

Go explore her wonderful collection of work – her blog is a delight too! Such talent!



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