MAKEUP: Maskcara’s Monday Makeover

Remember that horrid make up picture of Kim Kardasian with all shades of skin tones on her face?  Don’t remember? Here let me show you.

kim-k-make-up-2_1Yeah! That picture!

Ok.  This method is called contouring.  Honestly when I saw this, I felt there was NO WAY flawless make up could be achieved with THAT amount of make up.  It was frankly too time consuming and frankly all the primer in the world wouldn’t hold that quantity of make up in a place like Hong Kong or .  It is just not realistic.

Well, I have found some one on the tinterweb who is literally a genius!

This is Cara, from MaskCara and she is my favorite cosmetics blogger primarily because she doesn’t use a lot of make up and her technique is simple to understand and follow.

PLUS she has her own line of cosmetics that are simple and easy to take anywhere if you’re on holiday or have to attend a wedding… or its your OWN wedding!  Check her makeover Monday looks!  The ladies are just dazzling.




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