random musings & the environment

My laptop died and so a majority of my time while I had been left handicapped, I sat around on the sofa with the TV on mute, watching my furbaby-dogs play fight.  I never realized how dependent I was on my laptop.  I have felt  disconnected and awkward from the rest of the world and although I had my smartphone and my iPad, well, that was just not enough.

The work I do with my label Raaga Chic and want to do with design and packaging and photography is incomplete without a life-size laptop/keyboard/screen *sigh* (I’ve got boy hands)

Now I have to save $ a buy a new one.  What a pain.

I hate planned obsolescence!  What’s the harm in buying one PERFECT laptop!

Alas without a laptop, my study/workshop locked because I left my house keys at work (I have a f/t day job) I wasn’t feeling very productive on a T8.  I was wracking my brain pondering what to do next.

So I cleaned the house, took the dogs out for a quick stroll in the gusty winds  and heard a commotion!  In the distance I had heard a cry or a call, if you will.  Similar to a mother shouting for their child who has gone off too far into the jungle and so I  went to survey what the mooing was all about!

Approximately 40-50 ft from our home is the H.K. jungle.   Yes a REAL jungle!  Not concrete but a proper tropical paradise jungle that has trees, snakes, butterflies, papaya trees, lychee trees and… my fave the Asian buffaloes.

Turns out the mommy called out for quite some time because in the distance galloping down the truck destroyed landscape came the calf ewwing away and went straight for mommy’s milk.   I got teary eyed, I must admit.

I loved what I saw but I was also starting to resent the government for what they were allowing to occur. (see pictures below) I prefer to see rejoicing cattle than a concrete truck or crane destroying all those fruit bearing trees.

It turns out a large chunk of our precious H.K. countryside is being destroyed by materialistic vain and greedy locals “claiming” that lands dotted around H.K. belong to them as “ancestral” but within the guidelines set by the H.K. Lands dept.

These unregulated constructions are destroying our precious countryside on a daily basis.

A couple of years ago, one of Hong Kong’s popular beaches, Tai Long Wan, which has been featured on all the H.K. tourist websites as being “pristine” and “beautiful” – still isn’t a part of the Nature Reserve.

It came very close to being destroyed because the lads down at the Lands Dept decided to sell a large plot of land to some rich guy with lots of money to build some expensive tacky houses.  Enter the HK people, 75,000 strong came to protect this beautiful place.  (Tai Long Wan)

Power is to the people who want to see a change for the good.

If anything in Hong Kong is to remain for preservation for its future, Hong Konger’s are the ones to protect it with the aide of protest, petitions and rallying together for the *right* thing.  Too many developers are interested in only making their money count but at what cost?  These lands are just surveyed by a bunch of guys who would rather sit in an air conditioned office than swat mosquitoes and watch out for spindly looking spiders.

Witnessing some of these people at work, they do not allocate lands that are close to the road.  Instead trucks, lorries and cranes rumble through the little jungle disrupting village life and destroying hiking paths, while streams become littered with polystyrene, cigarette buds and cans of special brew, chopsticks and food wrappers.

Side note: I’m tempted to say I’m part Chinese myself – keep the land so that the cows and wild piglets can roam free! Free!  Can you imagine?! Wild piglets running around.   Our village has 3, that we have spotted and an adult but they come out at night only to cross the road to get to the garbage bins.

See pictures : the first 5 is the “ancestral land” being destroyed for a house or two – lord knows – all this used to be pristine jungle and the buffaloes would come to chill out in the sun, eat grass, keep the snake population under control, as well as, poop and moo all day.

2012-10-03 07.45.12

2012-10-03 07.45.14

2012-10-03 07.45.31

2012-10-03 07.46.06

2012-10-03 07.46.09

The following pictures of what really should be occupying HK’s jungles, not steel fences and concrete roads.

2013-08-14 16.06.44

2013-08-14 16.06.51

2013-08-14 16.09.03

What do you think of the “ancestral” land grab that the H.K. government has had in place?  Do you think its right what the government is doing?  Do you think that the land that is being given away should be closer to roads rather than deep inside the jungle encroaching on wild life territory?



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