New look

According to my horoscope on, Sun is trine (favorable position) Venus and this is what the lovely reading said,

“Good investments:

You will have great sensitivity to beauty today and an appreciation of lovely and well-made objects. This is a good day for buying clothing and art objects or for planning to redecorate your home. You have a strong desire to gratify your senses, but not to the point of being compulsive or foolish about spending. If you spend a lot of money on something that you want, the chances are it will be a good investment.

In fact the best purchases to make today would be objects that will increase in value as they get older, such as jewelry or antiques.

Your relationships should be very positively affected, and you might even start a new romantic interest. This is also a good time to smooth out any difficulties you are having with another person”.

So instead of splurging on something artistic and beautiful, I decided to create my own art that would reward my desire for design.

So my thoughts on the design:
– I wanted a simple look that spoke VOLUMES so I went with the colour Red.
– the font is one thing I’ve always had a problem with. I’ve liked the concept of mixing fonts, its quirky and makes something so basic fun and interesting to look at.

Now, I know you must be wondering, ‘Well, what about the elephant then? How does that tie into the Raaga Chic concept/brand? etc…”

The answer is simple. It doesn’t.

That elephant is the elephant in the room, in this case, the card. Totally random. I like it, its a symbol of loyalty and strength. The colour itself is powerful and passionate. In Chinese culture it means good luck and in Indian culture it symbolises purity.

So I hope you will spare 5mins and rate this design!

New look RC


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