In blush, we trust

I’m such a huge fan of anything blush, this season.  Initially I thought wearing blush might be a bit tough but I managed the nail polish and a blouse but a dress.  I’ve managed the first two in a pink hue but finding the right blush dress has been tough, especially when all blush coloured dresses, out there have been mega mega $$$$$.

Experimenting with blush is a must.  Some tones just might look great giving you that subtle soft innocence or have the opposite effect and make you look sick.  I have that problem with nail polish.  Now I read in some magazine that wearing polish close to your skin tone is nice, I’ve tried it but my hands look tired even with all the cuticle and hand creams.  And with the lovely sunshine we’ve received over the long Easter weekend – pink blushes look better on my darkened skin.

I’ve scoured the net in search of dresses in blush tones that I think would be perfect for this summer. Enjoy.

Lulu’s Lanai Luau Dress

Monsoon’s Wilhemena Maxi Dress

Vanessa Bruno cotton embroidered dress