LBDs made with love

Hundreds of books have been written about it,  the amount of tv shows that are created make a theme of it.   Scores of fashion magazines dictate to us why we need, why we *must* have it, what structure would look good on us, and frankly with the way fashion is heading – there are styles that accommodate a multitude of figures.

A hot dinner date, a funeral, a night out with the girls, hen’s night, a high powered meeting (with a fitted structured jacket or cardigan, on of course)  – they all befit a great black dress moment.  This investment can be worn with heels, boots, sandals, ballet flats and when we can’t decide, when we’re sick of making another decision, when we’re just ‘not in the mood’ or we have nothing else to wear – the LBD is our saviour.

Sometimes though, investing in an LBD can break the bank, purchasing a poor quality LBD may not look good on us – so what do we do?  How can we, as fashion conscious women, who are also savvy shoppers – get our hands on an LBD without feeling the pinch?  Mind you, we’re still partially in a recession too, being a bit mindful of how much we spend isn’t a bad thing.

One of my favorite sites for mindful shopping is Etsy.  There are tons of lovely handmade garments made by people who have great style and make it themselves.  I’ve selected 3 of my favorite black dresses by 3 great designers.



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