Who wore it best?

A few months ago, I was a bit bored and decided to do a search on “celebs in sarees” and BOY! let me tell you, I found a ton!

Now, I’ll be honest here.  I think its great that people make an effort to wear another culture’s ethnic attire.  It shows effort and open mindedness.  The thing I absolutely >OBJECT< to is why, WHY, WHY do some wear the most unflattering types of sarees?

My vote for the best dressed foreigner (ie non-Indian, NRIs not included) in a saree are Anna Kournikova and the Pussycat Dolls – these women get a 10 out of 10 for style, colour and most fashionable.

And now, for the worst dressed in a saree that absolutely shows lack of effort.  The celebrity status of these women can speak for themselves.  Honestly! Who did they consult to get these sarees?!  They have walked the red carpet in absolutely stunning style and for such statement people – this is just tragic.


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