Green with envy!

Peridots, Emeralds, Chrysophrase, Aquamarines, Tourmaline,  Jade and Turquoise.    All these gemstones have a colour in common in all its variants.  This colour is reflection of nature, what nature allows us to enjoy and dress ourselves with.  Green, as a common thought, conjures up many objects, images and emotions.  Nature, peace, something as being ‘fresh’ or ‘zesty’, the incandescent sparkles of the ocean, money, wealth. 

Green, as colour,  has a spiritual or philosophical meaning.  It is believed that when the green chakra is activated in a person, a deeper emotional understanding of oneself has been attained but that of others too.  Green inspires change, growth and the choice to pursue fresh new ideas.

Jewellery designers have translated this earth colour into beautiful elegant pieces.  Enjoy!


An Indian style icon in the making

No its not Ashwariya or Shilpa.  This Indian actress is an icon in the making.  She went from being pudgy to showing off a svelt & sexy figure.  She follows a strict diet and exercise regime.

Kareena Kapoor, at just 29 years old,  was born into one of Bollywood’s famous acting families.  She has made a name for her self as a versatile actress given the grit and grime of negative press.  And like all strong, bitchy and stubborn women, she’s pulled through and its showing!  In fact, its showing on her abs!

Added to that, she’s bagged one of the hottest male Indian actor as her beau to which the fire between them stays ablaze.  She also done guest appearances for Indian fashion designers on the runway, as well as, covers for prominent fashion magazines.

Kareena has been the face to watch for a long time and that time has come.

Who wore it best?

A few months ago, I was a bit bored and decided to do a search on “celebs in sarees” and BOY! let me tell you, I found a ton!

Now, I’ll be honest here.  I think its great that people make an effort to wear another culture’s ethnic attire.  It shows effort and open mindedness.  The thing I absolutely >OBJECT< to is why, WHY, WHY do some wear the most unflattering types of sarees?

My vote for the best dressed foreigner (ie non-Indian, NRIs not included) in a saree are Anna Kournikova and the Pussycat Dolls – these women get a 10 out of 10 for style, colour and most fashionable.

And now, for the worst dressed in a saree that absolutely shows lack of effort.  The celebrity status of these women can speak for themselves.  Honestly! Who did they consult to get these sarees?!  They have walked the red carpet in absolutely stunning style and for such statement people – this is just tragic.

Ear-Y! Ear-Y!

After a long and busy pause in the making.  Much has to be said and much needs to be written.

This season retailers are running amock with accessories, accessories and more ACCESSORIES!  Earrings are an absolute must have and because they are coming in a variety of styles from clunky, chunky, messy, layered, colourful, ethnic and just plain GORGEOUS.   Even what we did as kids in the 80’s of mismatching earrings on purpose are making a come back.  For you who prefer to be pierceless, don’t fret!  Clip-ons are totally making a fashion come back.

Here’s a couple of my favourites including some of my own work, some vintage and ethnic.