Welcome to the Jungle

Animal Print.  I never liked it.  Never liked it as a cushion cover or as a blouse or any article of clothing, really…. until… Angelina Jolie made it look hot.

This leggy and lithe brunette, ambassador of the under priviledged, is quite something.  She’s a style icon that many women have used to portray themselves.   Up until the middle of last year she was, and presumably, still is the face of St John.

But scrap all that.  The premiere of “Shark tales”, Mama Jolie walked out into an animal print jacket, backcombed hair and deadly eyes that could pierce many a man’s heart (oh! and women’s) but the point is, she made animal print look good.  No, not good, great and sexy!

Now let’s translate that into shoes.

Women love shoes.  Men, don’t even argue or question a woman about her shoes.  Its taboo.  A pair of shoes (sandals, loafers, pumps, boots, etc) adds the finishing touch to our mood of the day.  Unlike you men out there that have the standard types of shoes, we’ve got so much more to choose from.  Women’s fashion runs into the billions from cosmetics to the itty bitty black lacy thong, suits to dresses, bikinis to beach sandals.

Last night’s episode of “How to look good naked” with Gok Wan, the Gok-meister was transforming a  “once upon a time beauty queen” turned frumpy mummy into a yummy mummy and the icing on the cake, leopard print pumps.

This was my life altering distaste for animal print.  I really liked those shoes.  I wanted a pair.  So this morning, I went online to my favorite sites and this is what I found.



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