International Women’s Day

I think every day should be Women’s day.  Once a year doesn’t cut it when every day girls and women face so much hardships from all aspects of life.

Home.  Family.  School.  Work.  Marriage.  Relationships.  Accomplishments, etc. etc. etc.  and if you add war, poverty, cultural sexism, hierarchal sexism, wage sexism, etc.

Chics have it tough, man!

Since when did this become a predominantly patriarchal world?

On a good note though, Nicola Adams has been made into a Barbie doll with that super cool coiffure and a pair of boxing gloves (still not a fan of the body shape but hey, its a start!)

Now all we need are the following dolls to be made:

Indira Gandhi, Malala Yousufzai, Maya Angelou, Florence Nightingale, Ada Lovelace, The Suffragettes, Michelle Obama. Including all the firsts in the army, navy, airforce of all the militaries of the world, all the female Astronauts, pioneering scientists, doctors, mathematicians, even the young woman Ahed Tamimi and all the women just like her who are opposed to war, opposed to forced evictions from the country.  The first woman who publicly spoke about periods, openly breast feeding their infant, MeToo and the Time’s up campaigns. Those that spoke about racial diversity in all industries.

We, women, are tough on ourselves and sadly, with one another too.  How we raise children, or how much of a ‘dragon’ mom we should be to body shaming, bullying, etc we do to one another.

Enough is Enough!  We women have to be more supportive to one another, our daughters, the kids we teach, etc.   We should be encouraging little girls and young women to excel at things.  Not just go on social media to be famous, or be an actress or singer.  We should be encouraging women to get their opinions across – even if its about a small matter.  What is small to one person could be the same opinion of a million others – don’t dismiss what someone has to say or share!

Life isn’t about make up, cheap shit T.V. like #LoveIsland or something trashy and similar to fitness pics with butts in tiny shorts hanging out for the world to see.

There are a few videos that come to mind but I feel there is one in particular that puts the point across quite well in today’s world of social media overload/overkill.




Taboo: Menstruation & the release of Bollywood film “Pad Man”

Have you heard of the Indian man who spent 3 weeks or months wearing a makeshift uterus filled with blood and a home made sanitary napkin?

Well, it’s true and now Bollywood (glamorised with beautiful people like Radhika Apte, Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor) has made a fantastic film addressing the hardships & taboo women go through on a daily basis to find ways to manage their periods.

Actress, writer, film producer and child of legacy Bollywood legends Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia, Twinkle Khanna has produced just such a film.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what ethnic background you are from or where on the economic scale you sit.

Women from all backgrounds know what its like to have a monthly cycle and the pain we endure once a month whether its sensitive breasts, mood swings or food cravings – all of us get it and we just get on with our daily lives.

I’ve attached two great clips. One is a trailer of the film, the other is the real life hero, Arunachalam Muruganantham, who is helping women from low income levels to be self-sufficient bread winners in their families.

And if you get the chance to see this film, please do. Hopefully there will be subtitles too!

The trailer for “Pad Man”

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